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Leading Repipe Specialists for Los Angeles and California

MasterServ’s own technicians are highly trained professionals who specialize in PEX repipe and Copper Repiping, the permanent repair of Slab Leaks, and problems with Low Water Pressure. They pride themselves on quality of the installation, and their experience and efficiency will SAVE YOU MONEY.

Beginning with the finest materials available, MasterServ transforms old pipe systems into new, complete and high-quality systems providing decades of worry-free usage.

Imagine achieving consistently strong water pressure and quiet pipes! For anyone who has suffered with “haunted pipes” or a scalding in the shower when someone else flushes or turns on a garden hose, these can be notably luxurious features!

Imagine your water no longer being polluted right from the old pipes in your walls and floors – no corroded or rusty pipes, only the best quality available – and destructive leakage becoming a thing of the past. Finish it off with energy efficient, tankless water heating and a supreme quality water filtration system for the house and you now have some idea of the scope and standards of MasterServ.
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If this is the first time you have been in the market for repiping your home or apartment building, a word of caution: watch out for plumbing contractors who use soft bendable copper pipe which kinks during installation, as it leads to premature leaks and pipe deterioration down the road.

At MasterServ, we only have in-house technicians – no subcontractors. We use only commercial grade “L” type hard copper or PEX-A pipes. These pipes require more expertise to install but they will last a lifetime. For another example, MasterServ installs only high-quality, lever type shut-off valves made of stainless steel and low-zinc brass at the water main and under the fixtures for your convenience and ease of use.

For bathtubs and showers, we use temperature balance valves made by Moen.

With this, it isn’t surprising that our service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll know the full price before we begin work and we provide it in written form, helping you to make the most informed decision.

For questions about tax credits from the federal government and a rebate from the gas company ask your sales assistant.

We at MasterServ look forward to answering your questions, providing you with a free estimate and helping you to rest assured with a pipe system to last a lifetime.Get a Free Estimate

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