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Slab Leak

Understanding The Slab Leak Problem

Find out about the only slab leak repair approach that makes any sense:
No more leaks!

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize they have a potential slab leak situation until major damage occurs to the home.

Here is the exact cause of slab leaks and what can be done right now to resolve the problem in the most economical way.

Many homes built in the Southwestern United States in the mid-eighties were built with a concrete slab foundation and soft copper water pipes under the slab.

The codes require that soft, bendable copper be used because hard copper joints are not permitted beneath the slab.

The water pressure in the main lines, at street level, may be fine but as the water enters the property and moves through the house, the clogged pipes reduce the volume of water that can get through to the fixtures.

As the rust and deterioration factors worsen, the water can become dirty, foul-smelling and unfit to drink.
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soft copper tubingSOFT COPPER

Prior to pouring concrete of a foundation, the soft copper tubing is rolled out along the ground and the ends are turned up to where they will be joined to water lines running to the various parts of the house.

slab concrete foundationTHE SLAB FOUNDATION

Concrete is then poured over the pipes, sealing them beneath the slab foundation. The soft copper tubing is prone to suffer dents and kinks during construction and this can result in a less-than-smooth surface inside the pipes.


In some areas the water is unusually “hard.” The “hardness” is a combination of calcium, lime and some iron in the water.

These hard elements are abrasive to the inner surface of the pipes as the water travels through.

pinhole leaksPINHOLE LEAKS

The slightest ridge or kink within the pipe will tend to wear it down until it wears through, resulting in a crack or “pinhole leak” in the pipe.

It is usually the hot water pipe that is the first to go, since this pipe is subject to the expansion and contraction that accompanies heating and cooling.


When a leak occurs under the concrete slab, it is not easy to fix. Left un-handled, it can cause floor damage and other problems, including high heating and water bills.

jackhammer a slab leaking pipeTHE JACKHAMMER APPROACH

The quick fix is to use a leak detector to locate, within three feet, the source of the leak. Then the carpeting, furniture, cabinets, etc. are ripped away and a jackhammer is used to break through the concrete slab.


Once the leak is found and a patch applied, new concrete is poured and the flooring is restored.


It can be an expensive process, especially when a new leak can pop up, sometimes within days, and the whole messy, disruptive process has to be repeated.


A typical homeowner may go through this once or twice, before realizing it is cheaper and far less trouble, in the long run, to simply bypass the slab and re-route high-grade, hard copper or PEX piping through the upper part of the home.

No more soft copper! No more leaks!

Copper and Pex Repipe Lifetime Guarantee Los AngelesLIFETIME GUARANTEE

That is the MASTERSERV approach, and it is backed by an exclusive

Our Lifetime Guarantee and limited warranty is an in-house written warranty and not just a pass-through of a manufacturer’s warranty.Lifetime Guarantee


MASTERSERV technicians are knowledgeable, highly trained professionals, who specialize in PEX and copper repiping and pride themselves in the quality of installation.

This could be the best time ever to solve this problem once and for all.Our Team

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